Academic Aunties

Ethel Tungohan

Academia. It is a site of exclusion. For those of us who are first-generation, who are racialized, who are women, and who inhabit social locations that are traditionally unrepresented in this space, academia is full of landmines. This is why we need academic aunties. This podcast will bring you stories and advice about how to navigate this treacherous world and maybe even plant the seeds for structural transformation. Come listen to Auntie Ethel and her friends. Episodes drop monthly. Message us on Twitter at @AcademicAuntie and visit us online at academicaunties.com.
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Introducing Academic Aunties (Trailer)
Pandemic Parenting, Part IAfter HoursAnatomy of Academic Advice
Oh advice. It seems like you can’t turn a corner without someone telling you how you’re professor-ing or grad schooling wrong. Sometimes it’s a colleague. Sometimes it’s a random person on social media. Sometimes it’s sought for, but usually it’s unsolicited.  On this episode, we’re breaking down academic advice. What makes for good advice? And why is bad advice...so bad? And why is it that so much academic advice assumes that we’re all cis, het, white guys? Joining us to talk about good academic advice, bad academic advice, shadow advising, and the expectations of "academic mommy" and "academic daddy" are Dr. Shanti Fernando (@https://www.twitter.com/ShantiFernando (ShantiFernando)), Associate Professor of Political Science at Ontario Tech University, and Dr. Sule Tomkinson (@https://www.twitter.com/sule_tomkinson (sule_tomkinson)), Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at Université Laval and Director of Le Centre d’analyse des politiques publiques. Get in touch with Academic Aunties on Twitter at @AcademicAuntie or by e-mail at podcast@academicaunties.com. Need some auntie wisdom? Send an #AskAnAcademicAuntie question to https://www.academicaunties.com/ask (academicaunties.com/ask). Related Links https://www.natureindex.com/news-blog/promoting-the-value-of-unofficial-shadow-academic-mentorship (Promoting the value of unofficial academic mentorship) (https://www.natureindex.com/news-blog/promoting-the-value-of-unofficial-shadow-academic-mentorship) https://twitter.com/AcademicAuntie/status/1461027530819911680 (Common pieces of academic advice from listeners) (https://twitter.com/AcademicAuntie/status/1461027530819911680) Support this podcast
Nov 24 2021
35 mins
#AskAnAcademicAuntie – Now Problems, Later ProblemsHierarchies of S**tAcademic Jobs
In this episode, we are talking about the academic job market! We challenge the notion that academia is meritocratic. We highlight how fraught applying for academics job can be for many marginalized folks, especially those who are first-gen, working-class, racialized, and queer. We wonder whether typical job market advice, such as moving anywhere there is a job and prioritizing top schools (R1 schools for Americans) over other schools makes sense. And we also address ways to try to take back agency in a fundamentally messed up and inequitable structure. Joining us today is https://maryannesmendoza.wordpress.com/ (Dr. Mary Anne S. Mendoza) (https://twitter.com/MaryAnneSMM (@MaryAnneSMM)), Assistant Professor of Political Science at CalState Pomona, and https://wgsi.utoronto.ca/person/robert-diaz/ (Dr. Robert Diaz), Associate Professor in the Women & Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. Get in touch with Academic Aunties on Twitter at @AcademicAuntie or by e-mail at podcast@academicaunties.com. Need some auntie wisdom? Send an #AskAnAcademicAuntie question to https://www.academicaunties.com/ask (academicaunties.com/ask). Related Links https://hookandeye.ca/2017/03/16/guest-post-have-they-thought-about-what-theyre-asking-the-inequity-of-job-applications/ (Have they thought about what they’re asking?: the inequity of job applications) By Alana Cattapan (https://hookandeye.ca/2017/03/16/guest-post-have-they-thought-about-what-theyre-asking-the-inequity-of-job-applications/) https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/04/15/job-market-academics-is-nightmare-heres-one-way-fix-it/ (The academic job market is a nightmare. Here’s one way to fix it) By Colin Dickey (https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/04/15/job-market-academics-is-nightmare-heres-one-way-fix-it/) https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2020/02/27/study-student-evaluations-teaching-are-deeply-flawed (Even ‘Valid’ Student Evaluations Are ‘Unfair') By Colleen Flaherty (https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2020/02/27/study-student-evaluations-teaching-are-deeply-flawed) https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2019/10/09/first-generation-phd-student-describes-her-struggles-opinion (The Hidden Challenges for Successful First-Generation Ph.D.s) By Bailey B. Smolarek (https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2019/10/09/first-generation-phd-student-describes-her-struggles-opinion) Transcript Transcript will be posted approximately one week after the episode launches at https://www.academicaunties.com (academicaunties.com). Support this podcast
Sep 29 2021
39 mins
#AskAnAcademicAuntie – Gratitude and GiftsThe Chair
Season 2 premiere! We take a deep dive into The Chair, the new Netflix series starring Sandra Oh about the first woman of colour chair of the English department at the fictional Pembrooke University. Everyone (or at least all academics!) are talking about this new show, created by Amanda Peat and Annie Julia Wyman, and we have lots of thoughts, from the moments that resonated with us to why many are finding the show a bit triggering.  Joining us are Jamie Chai Yun Liew (@thechaiyun), an Associate Professor and Director of the University of Ottawa Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, and Kimberly McKee (@mckeekee), past Director of the Kutsche Office of Local History and an Associate Professor in the Integrative, Religious, and Intercultural Studies Department at Grand Valley State University.  Thanks for listening! Get more information and read all the show notes at https://www.academicaunties.com (academicaunties.com). Get in touch with Academic Aunties on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/academicauntie (@AcademicAuntie) or by e-mail at podcast@academicaunties.com. Related Links  https://migration-conversations.simplecast.com (Migrant Conversations Podcast) hosted by Jamie Liew https://twitter.com/mckeekee/status/1430337652339978244 (Reflections from Dr. McKee on The Chair's depictions of adoptions)  https://www.press.uillinois.edu/books/catalog/83ywp5cx9780252042287.html (Disrupting Kinship: Transnational Politics of Korean Adoption in the United States), by Kimberly McKee  https://www.netflix.com/ca/title/81206259 (The Chair Netflix Official Site) Support this podcast
Aug 27 2021
41 mins
#AskAnAcademicAuntie – Playing the Game#AskAnAcademicAuntie – Finding Your VoiceSearching for JoyWait, was that racist?
This is probably my most personal podcast of this series. I'm chatting with my good friends, http://www.jessicasoedirgo.com/ (Dr. Jessica Soedirgo), Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/sociology/people/hae-yeon-choo (Dr. Hae Yeon Choo), Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto, about our assorted encounters with anti-Asian racism. From seemingly benign encounters that show how the academy doesn't actually see us as belonging—like mixing up Asian colleagues, or mistaking us for students, or the constant compliments about our English—to actual harmful moments that we still need to heal from, one of the challenges of giving voice to anti-Asian racism is that it oftentimes feels like it barely registers. Yet, Asians in the academy experience racism everyday, while struggling with the acute rise of anti-Asian sentiments, which has been amplified since the start of the pandemic. My hometown of Vancouver was even named by https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2021-vancouver-canada-asian-hate-crimes/ (Bloomberg as the 'Asian hate crime capital' of North America). And it has also only been two months since the Atlanta shootings, where a man with a self-proclaimed Asian fetish murdered eight people including six Asian women. On this episode, we talk about dealing with anti-Asian racism when institutions barely acknowledge its reality and fighting against insidious, everyday forms of microaggression. If you want to get involved in combatting anti-Asian racism, check out https://www.scholarstrikecanada.ca/anti-asian-racism-undone (Anti-Asian Racism Undone), presented by Scholar's Strike Canada on May 29 and 30, 2021. Visit https://www.scholarstrikecanada.ca/ (www.scholarstrikecanada.ca) for more information. Related and Mentioned in this Episodehttps://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2021/04/02/recommendations-stopping-anti-asian-racism-campuses-opinion (Addressing Anti-Asian Racism in the University) by Hae Yeon Choo and Robert Diaz https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01596306.2013.822620 (‘Too Asian?’ On racism, paradox and ethno-nationalism) by Roland Coloma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5AhU5Q7vH0 (Racist, Sexist Boy) by The Linda Lindas Support this podcast
May 26 2021
32 mins
Subversives in the Academy
Apr 28 2021
31 mins
A-holes in the AcademyIntroducing Academic Aunties (Trailer)