Take a Breath with Meghan Pattison

Uncommon [cast]

May 11 2021 • 43 mins

How much to you think about breathing? If you're like the Uncommon crew you are about to find out the answer is: not enough! This week we are joined by our friend – and Breath Work Facilitator – Meghan Pattison. In addition to hearing about her work in wellness and healing through breath, we also talk about the spiritual side of it all. And before you think "this is too woo-woo for me", take a listen. Because we also dive into the science of breath, and talk about some amazing theological parallels between breath, faith, and the Spirit of God. And we have a lot of fun along the way. So come to the table as we explore how walking in faith can be as simple as taking a breath...

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Here's the main book she mentioned: Breath by James Nestor

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