Curiosity, Whimsey, and God’s Delight with Matthew Paul Turner

Uncommon [cast]

Jun 14 2021 • 1 hr 19 mins

How do you talk to your kids or loved ones about God when you feel like you don't have all the answers? When you have big questions of your own? How about when the story books and church lessons don't seem to fit with what you know about faith, and God, and Jesus? Author Matthew Paul Turner began writing children's books because he faced those same challenges in talking to his own kids about God and faith. Listen in as we hear his story, and talk about some great ways to engage discussions of faith for our kids, and even ourselves! What if we weren't afraid of questions? What if we embraced the idea that God delights in us? What if we were curious? What if we stepped into a bit of whimsey? On a personal note, our whole team and our kids have been blessed by Matthew's books. We highly recommend them! And... We say it every time, but this was such a good convo! Don't miss it. :)

And don't miss Matthew's latest book: What is God Like?, co-written by the late Rachel Held Evans.

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