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Amanda is a wife. A mother. A blogger. A Christian. A charming, beautiful, bubbly, young woman who lives life to the fullest. But Amanda is dying, with a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. She starts a blog detailing her cancer journey, and becomes an inspiration, touching and captivating her local community as well as followers all over the world.  Until one day investigative producer Nancy gets an anonymous tip telling her to look at Amanda’s blog, setting Nancy on an unimaginable road to uncover Amanda’s secret.  Award winning journalist Charlie Webster explores this unbelievable and bizarre, but all-too-real tale, of a woman from San Jose, California whose secret ripped a family apart and left a community in shock.   Scamanda is the true story of a woman whose own words held the key to her secret.  Follow Scamanda on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Amanda’s blog posts are read by actor Kendall Horn. read less

Our Editor's Take

Scamanda is a true crime podcast that chronicles the life and lies of Amanda Riley. The West Coast native is infamous for a devious deception with serious consequences. For years, Amanda deceived family members, friends, and social media followers about having cancer. In 2021, after years of investigations, she received 60 months in prison for wire fraud.

The Scamanda podcast reveals a lot of information about what happened. This podcast shares the details of how a fake cancer story turned into national infamy. The series explores things a bit further, exploring the mindset behind it all. It outlines the inner workings of a person disconnected from the truth. It examines the consequences, pain, and thought processes of a chronic manipulator. Listeners can expect shock, amazement, and awe.

Amanda's lies unraveled after years of investigation by producer Nancy Moscatiello. Alongside journalist Charlie Webster, she exposes Amanda's secret. Nancy is an Emmy-nominated TV producer. She has worked for Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures. Shockwave and Rampage are some shows she produced. The podcast's narrator, Charlie, has years of experience as a TV host. She has worked for Real Madrid TV, ESPN, and BoxNation. Through her work, she advocates for mental health and domestic abuse issues. Actor Kendall Horn reads pages of Amanda's blog posts on the podcast.

Scamanda is a thorough exploration of Amanda's scam and its consequences. It shares interviews with her relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Listeners will hear from Amanda's friends-turned-stepdaughters Jenna and Jamie. The show chronicles how she went from being their friend to marrying their dad. Interviews intersperse narration and reading of excerpts from Amanda's blog.

Fascinating details about Amanda's life emerge in the podcast. The podcast details how she lied to everyone, from her close family members to strangers on the internet. Scamanda examines how a family woman manages to influence people she never met. Amanda is a Christian, mother, scammer, and accidental influencer. This podcast explores every facet of Amanda and her scam. The short-form series premiered in 2022. The hosts continue to update this story with news developments.

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