Veronique Merriam Barbosa (Co-Founder at Flux) The Pros and Cons of Corporate Accelerator Programmes and why they aren't the right solution for everyone.

The Catalysts Podcast

Nov 1 2021 • 29 mins

Host: Ken Valledy (Partner/Co-founder at Progressive)
Progressive helps organisations unlock and commercialise new growth opportunities more rapidly than their competition and more effectively than traditional innovation programmes.

The Catalysts Podcast focuses on the key benefits of corporates and startups working together and how these partnerships can become a catalyst for change for the future. In each episode we will discuss a key topic area behind these partnerships with either a startup or a senior corporate stakeholder.

In today’s episode, I want to address the area of Corporate Accelerators, where a large corporation creates it’s own Accelerator Programme, usually with the support of an established Accelerator Partner.. Are they worthwhile? Is this the best platform to create a successful corporate / start-up partnership? What should you look for as a start-up if you want to join one? What should you look for as a Corporate if you want to create one?

To help me in this quest, I am really pleased to have as our guest Veronique Merriam Barbosa. Co-Founder at Flux , an award winning startup technology that enables itemised digital receipts to be delivered straight to your banking app.  We discuss many subjects inc Veronique's experiences at the Barclays RISE Accelerator, what makes a good and bad Corporate Accelerator Programme and why Corporate Accelerators aren't the right option for everyone.

Veronique's contact details:
Website: https://www.tryflux.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/veronique-merriam-barbosa-43219b27/

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