James Edwards (Digital Innovation Lead EMEA at Kimberly-Clark) Are Free Trials good or bad? The question that never seems to go away.

The Catalysts Podcast

Aug 31 2021 • 37 mins

Host: Ken Valledy (Partner/Co-founder at Progressive)
Progressive helps organisations unlock and commercialise new growth opportunities more rapidly than their competition and more effectively than traditional innovation programmes.

The Catalysts Podcast focuses on the key benefits of corporates and startups working together and how these partnerships can become a catalyst for change for the future. In each episode we will discuss a key topic area behind these partnerships with either a startup or a senior corporate stakeholder.

In today’s episode, I want to address the topic of Free Trials, are they a viable option to quickly ‘open the door’ and kick off a partnership with a corporate client or are they a recipe for failure leading to lack of commitment from a corporate who has no ‘skin in the game’

To help me in today’s episode, I am really pleased to have as my guest James Edwards (Digital Innovation Lead EMEA at Kimberly-Clark).  We cover many questions including, what are the advantages and disadvantages of offering a free trial? Are they just an easy way of avoiding getting into a price negotiation? Shouldn't  large corporations just pay startups for their services anyway?

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