Elise Jackson (CEO This is Unicorn): The importance of creating a good brief and why a good brief leads to a successful corporate / start-up partnership.

The Catalysts Podcast

Jun 21 2021 • 31 mins

Host: Ken Valledy (Partner/Co-founder at Progressive)
Progressive helps organisations unlock and commercialise new growth opportunities more rapidly than their competition and more effectively than traditional innovation programmes.

The Catalysts Podcast focuses on the key benefits of corporates and startups working together and how these partnerships can become a catalyst for change for the future. In each episode we will discuss a key topic area behind these partnerships with either a startup or a senior corporate stakeholder.

Today's focus area is the importance of creating and aligning behind a good brief. What does a good brief look like? How can expectations from both sides be managed from the start? Are briefs too prescriptive vs being a starting point of a discussion? Does the brief get the time and the focus that it deserves? These are some of the many questions that we will be discussing with our guest Elise Jackson (CEO: This is Unicorn), who has worked on many briefs with numerous clients of all sizes.

Tina's contact details:
Email address: elise@thisisunicorn.com
Website: https://thisisunicorn.com/
LinkedIn page:https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisepajackson/

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