Naomi Timperley (Growth and Innovation Consultant at GSI and Co-founder of Tech North Advocates). Why you need to focus on your 'Value Proposition' before you start to talk to corporates.

The Catalysts Podcast

Sep 20 2021 • 34 mins

Host: Ken Valledy (Partner/Co-founder at Progressive)
Progressive helps organisations unlock and commercialise new growth opportunities more rapidly than their competition and more effectively than traditional innovation programmes.

The Catalysts Podcast focuses on the key benefits of corporates and startups working together and how these partnerships can become a catalyst for change for the future. In each episode we will discuss a key topic area behind these partnerships with either a startup or a senior corporate stakeholder.

In today’s episode, I want to focus on an area that is crucial towards a successful corporate /
startup partnership and that is the importance (for a startup) to identify and be very clear on their value proposition. Lots of great opportunities are lost between a startup and a corporate because from the first initial meeting, the start-up isn’t clear in defining the value that they can bring to the table.

To help me in this quest, I am really pleased to have as my guest Naomi Timperley
who is a Growth and Innovation Consultant with GSI and Co founder of Tech North Advocates. We cover many questions, including Why the Value proposition is so crucial and why it can be very difficult to articulate. The pitfalls of not nailing your Value proposition and   the role that corporates can play when assessing a startups proposition and Roadmap vision.

Naomi's contact details:
Twitter : https://twitter.com/naomitimperley
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naomitimperley

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