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Our Editor's Take

Howard Solomon started Cybersecurity Today in 2023. A top figure in tech journalism, he began working as an IT journalist in 1997. He has written for many well-known publications, including and Computing Canada. He also reported for the Calgary Herald and Brampton Daily Times.

In the Cybersecurity Today podcast, he uses his vast knowledge of the IT world. Solomon discusses news on cybercrime, cyberattacks, and more. This keeps listeners up to date with the changes in the field of cybersecurity. The podcast comes from the IT World Canada technology news site.

The Cybersecurity Today podcast is like a newsroom for cybersecurity. It is quick and direct, with short episodes released several times per week. Each week ends with a long "Week in Review" episode. Here, Solomon talks about the top cybersecurity incidents of the week. He often has guests who come to the podcast to offer their insights, too. One example of them is David Shipley. He owns a cybersecurity company and is an expert on the subject matter.

Solomon has many years of experience in IT journalism. This is what makes each episode of Cybersecurity Today insightful. He explains complex IT and cybersecurity information in a way that is easy to understand. His talent for simplifying difficult pieces of information shines in his podcast.

Solomon's news podcast has quick, bite-sized updates for those who don't have a lot of time. It works well for people who like following business and cybersecurity topics. Despite being short, each episode is rich in information. Also, there are also weekly roundup episodes. These discuss the main events in cybersecurity that happened during the week.

Solomon's addition to the IT and cybersecurity world is welcome. Cybersecurity Today upholds the standards of good journalism. It can also keep businesses updated on the latest threats in cybersecurity. New episodes drop each weekday.

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