1% Better Mini Seminar - Consistency Over Duration

Mental Performance Daily with Brian Cain

Oct 1 2021 • 3 mins

In this episode of Mental Performance Daily, Brian continues his 1% Better Mini Seminar by discussing why consistency over duration will get you the results you are working for faster than duration over consistency. Brian Cain, MPM, the World’s leader in Mental Performance Coaching brings you practical tips, techniques, stories, strategies, meditations and motivations every day that you can use to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be with The Mental Performance Daily Podcast.   Mental Performance Daily with Brian Cain is brought to you by Soul CBD. Go to mysoulcbd.com/cain15 for 15% off your order. That's  mysoulcbd.com/cain15 for 15% off. Be sure to subscribe wherever you are listening to this podcast, leave us a review and engage with Brian on social media @BrianCainPeak  Be sure to join Brian’s email list at BrianCain.com/join so that you can stay updated and in the know when it comes to Brian and the forefront of mental performance training. If you are a coach looking to master mental performance coaching, the missing link in your clients and athletes performance, join Brian’s MPM Coaches Insiders List and receive his best strategies for coaching mental performance and save $200 off his MPM Certification Course when it opens this fall. If you are an athlete, join my FREE 3 Day Mini Course on Mental Performance at BrianCain.com/free-athletes-course If you are a golfer or golf coach join Brian’s FREE Golf Masterclass at BrianCain.com/golf If you are a baseball player or coach join Brian’s FREE Baseball Masterclass at BrianCain.com/baseball