Trep Story

Russell & Sarah Mann

Can a Trep raise their own pay? Make a hobby into a viable business? What is a Trep?! “Trep” is just short for enTREPreneur, and in this podcast we interview Treps to seek answers to our burning questions about the impact of entrepreneurship. Innovating a new business is hard, but many of us have found that it’s worth it. We talk to Treps with different goals and suss out the principles that we can all use to do better. We find out what skills these Treps have used and how we can add them to our own stockroom. Join us on our journey as we interview Treps, and find answers to our most persistent question: Can Treps save the world?

Can a Trep turn Grief to Grit? with Sandy Young, President of VerdisWhat is the importance of saving and frugality to a Trep? with Anne & Lance Mitchell of MAM & Flannel BackgroundWhy should Treps focus on play? with Geoffrey McLachlan of Professionals at PlayHow can a Trep save the world with bookkeeping? with Kandi Johnson of A-OK BookkeepingContractor Convergence - How these Treps are “building” a better world by helping contractorsWhy would someone with a good job become a Trep? with Chiho Lai of Evolve CoachingBonus Episode: It’s never about the price with Rick Friesen of Contractor ConvergenceCatch Up with Joni Moore of SnacktivistCan Treps save the world with Laughter? with Greg Kettner of WorkHappy NationWhat if your dream is really hard to start? Learn to Trep with Grit, with Alyssa Pukkila of Wired2Learn AcademyWhat's working? What's not? What's missing? 2021 in review, looking forward to 2022Can a morning routine help a Trep? with Erik Allen of The Erik Allen & The Top Rated MMA ShowThe Luckiest Trep in History? A Christmas MessageCan you Trep inside an established company?Can a Trep start businesses in completely different fields?What is an Angel investor? How can I get investment in my business? With Tim Ledford of Safeguard Equipment and Linda Olson of M+L AdvisorsHow can Treps get money for their business? With Megan Hulsey from Craft3Trep Family! Can Treps succeed at building a business with their family? with Ben Toews of Bullet ToolsWhat is the Wealth Triad and how can a Trep build wealth? with Adam Chronister of EnleafCan a Trep learn to lead? with Doc Larson of Quantum Star Technologies