What if your dream is really hard to start? Learn to Trep with Grit, with Alyssa Pukkila of Wired2Learn Academy

Trep Story

Jan 11 2022 • 54 mins

We chat with Alyssa Pukkila, founder of Wired2Learn Academy, a school specializing in helping students with learning disabilities like dyslexia get the brain-based education they need to become successful readers, and more. She knew she needed to start a school to help these students for 10 years before she actually started it. How does a Trep endure the hardship of starting a new business, in a field where nobody is doing what she needs to do, in a town where almost nobody can afford to do it the way she knows it must be done? Grit. Determination. Faith. Learn about this Trep Story in this episode…

To learn more about Wired 2 Learn Academy, visit: wired2learnacademy.com