The News Agents


Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall – three of the UK’s top journalists – host a daily news podcast: The News Agents. They’re not just here to tell you what's happening, but why. Expect astute analysis and explanation of the day's news – and a healthy dose of scepticism and the ability to laugh at it all when needed! Episodes are available every weekday afternoon. You can listen to The News Agents on Alexa, just say "Alexa ask Global Player to play The News Agents" The News Agents is a Global Player Original podcast and a Persephonica production. read less

Our Editor's Take

The News Agents is a world news, current affairs, and analysis podcast. The hosts recap and discuss headline-making news worldwide on the show. The discussion scope ranges from the Ukraine conflict to the sexism scandal in Spain.

Pundits, thought leaders, and industry insiders with different backgrounds join the UK-based hosts. Economic, finance, social justice, and climate change experts also come on the podcast. Politicians from all levels in the UK and beyond also appear on the show.

Jon Sopel, Emily Maitlis, and Lewis Goodall cohost the The News Agents. Jon and Emily are former BBC hosts with years of broadcast journalism experience. Jon worked for BBC News in various capacities from 1983 to 2022. Meanwhile, Emily was with the BBC from 2001 to 2022. Lewis worked with the BBC from 2012 to 2016, then returned in 2020 after leaving for four years. In 2022, the trio joined this podcast's parent company, Global Player.

The first episode of The News Agents, Trump-Prison or President?, debuted in August 2022. It featured well-thought-out analysis and vigorous discussions. That episode set up the tone of the show. The savvy hosts ask the right questions and bring on the right people to simplify the sometimes complex newscape.

In one 2023 episode, hosts Jon and Lewis discuss Luis Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso. Lawyer Mariam Gonzalez Durantez appears in the episode. She shared that the unsolicited kiss obscured Spain's World Cup victory. Mariam added that the incident highlighted sexism, political rivalry, and other related stories. The panel discusses the calls for the soccer chief's resignation, his mother's hunger strike, plus other topics. Their conversation is informative, as are the many different discussions on the podcast. Other episodes include explaining Liz Truss' short reign with the Conservative Party.

The News Agents podcast is fact-filled, with an understated humor and natural banter. Anyone interested in world affairs may find this podcast among their favorites. New episodes debut on weekday afternoons.

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