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May 9 2022
1 hr 18 mins
Frank Yao is CEO of Zrou, which is owned by YouKuai Group International of which Yao is also founder and CEO. Founded in Shanghai in 2019, Zrou is a plant-based protein company that aims to create a holistic plant-based food and beverage ecosystem in China. The brand often collaborates with famous chefs to create versions of traditional Chinese dishes made without animal meat. Show notes: 3:00 Thoughts on Joe Rogan and many other Western medias reflection of China5:15 On Frank’s family background and upbringing in Hong Kong and Canada13:00 University life at Yale and how many Chinese American kids choose their major with direction from their parents16:45 How meditation and buddhism led to the idea to start Zrou23:10 The realization that China has the talent to build its own brands to serve its people and the world25:15 How while living his best life, seeing his Toronto Raptors win the NBA title and feeling the highs and lows of competing in the World Series of Poker, brought him to the realization it was time to start something new29:00 On buddhism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism35:00 Health, ethical, and environmental reasons of consuming less meat and thoughts on hierarchy of consciousness39:00 How offering better choices as a company is the way to get closer to a solution41:40 China’s history of poverty and how scarcity of the past influences on a modern Chinese society that now consumes more meat than any other country.49:20 Thoughts on lab grown meat56:40 Further possibilities with plant based meat61:40 Zrou as an international food brand
May 9 2022
1 hr 18 mins
Born in Hong Kong and based in Shanghai, Tom Bray (better known as Tom Yeti) has been a pivotal figure within Asia’s music landscape for the past decade. Joining the dots within all aspects of the industry from artist management, music event promotions, booking agent, radio host to DJ, he’s the co-founder of YETI OUT collective and subsidiary record label Silk Road Sounds. Holding residencies in Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok to Singapore, YETI OUT’s been bridging the gap between East & West Being the few Asian music collectives that hold residencies on Rinse F.M to NTS Radio, their ‘Silk Road Sounds’ show promotes a sonic exchange between cultures from both sides of the Atlantic with consistent label releases that blur the line around Grime, Garage, House, 4×4 frequencies to new found global sounds. His sound design portfolio covers curation projects alongside the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Bottega Venetta, Soho House to NikeLab while cementing his career as a multidisciplinary in Asia’s creative circles. Thomas started a music blog that mushroomed into an all-out creative collective, Yeti Out, involved in party promotion, art show production and fashion collaborations, and with its own record label Silk Road Sounds and creative agency TEN5.  Show notes: 2:40 Lockdown life 4:55 Hong Kong upbringing, college educated in the UK and how he got to Shanghai 9:42 How creative collective Yeti Out originally started as a music blog in the UK 11:45 How UK music scene influenced him and the meaning behind the name Yeti Out 15:10 On identifying more with being Chinese and the potential of developing in Asia vs the West 17:00 How club scenes differ from in West and East 20:30 The idea behind the label Silk Road Sounds 25:00 How Asian artist are received by Western audiences 32:20 Different approaches of fashion brands entering China 34:30 Local Chinese brands and the differences in international appeal of fashion vs music 38:40 Discovering new parts of China during the past two years of pandemic 40:40 How the inability of foreign acts to enter China during the past two years has affected the local scene 46:45  The recent flip of lockdown situations of East and West
Apr 25 2022
54 mins
Zheng Chongbin fuses Western abstraction with the Chinese calligraphic tradition in works of ink- and acrylic-on-paper, finding contemporary relevance in antiquated forms of Asian ink art. Having studied and split his time in both China and the U.S., Zheng reveals the influences of both places and artistic traditions in his work. He was educated as a classical Chinese figurative painter at the elite China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, where he taught for four years after graduation in 1984. Acclaimed as one of China’s preeminent young experimental ink painters in the 1980's, he mounted his first solo exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Art in 1988. In 1989, he received a fellowship from the San Francisco Art Institute to study installation, performance, and conceptual art, receiving his MFA in 1991. A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area for over three decades, Zheng is inspired by the region's distinctive atmospheric and environmental effects and rich ecologies, as well as by the California light and space movement. For more on him and his works go to www.zhengchongbin.com Show notes: 2:35 What growing up in Shanghai during the 1960s was like 8:20 Vague childhood memories of the Cultural revolution 12:45 How the influx of western culture and philosophy into China in the 80s influenced him as both an art student and teacher 30:00 How foreign students in at the China Academy of Arts at the time played a role in cultural exchange 34:30 Motivation factors which let him to go study in America 36:40 First impressions of arriving to SF in 1989 and how learning English was first priority over art practice at the time 43:00 How permanently living in America was never a plan, but rather the result of constantly exploring and adapting 45:40 The question of identifying with ethnicity or nationality 53:30 How art can bridge culture 100:00 Thoughts on NFTs
Mar 14 2022
1 hr 11 mins
Michele Aboro is a living legend in the history of Boxing & Kickboxing, Super Bantamweight Michele Aboro retired as undefeated world champion in Boxing with 21 wins (12 KO) & Kickboxing with 32 winning fights (23 KO). Michele was also voted Pound-for-Pound Best Female Boxer of the Year for four consecutive years. She is a two-time undefeated World Boxing Champion, five-time Kickboxing World Champion and two-time K1 Champion; having pioneered boxing and kickboxing in England when it was illegal for women to be trained in boxing by coaches and compete. She currently resides in Shanghai and is co-founder and head coach at Aboro Academy.  You can learn more about her academy and foundation at www.aboroacademy.com. Show notes: 2:20 Upbringing in Peckham, London as one of 7 children in a one parent biracial family . 5:17 Boxing culture in the UK 7:25 Thoughts on current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury 8:25 Being turned down at a boxing gym as a child for being a girl 12:10 How it was illegal to train female boxers in the UK while it was legal in other European countries 14:00 How women’s is boxing is received in China 19:00 History of women’s boxing and how it was not introduced into the olympics until 2012 but had a boom in the US in the 90s 22:50 First depiction of female boxing in Hollywood ‘Million dollar baby’ 24:20 The life of an up and coming professional female boxer 27:30 Thoughts on the recent attention given to celebrity boxing 32:50 Using sport as a platform to spread a greater message 37:10 The decision to open a gym in China 45:30 How positivity and motivation created a mindset to get through cancer 49:00 Giving back to the community through Aboro foundation 55:10 How training differs in different countries and cultures 57:50 Incorporation of a ranking system in boxing training 59:30 The use of meditation yoga and Buddhist philosophy in training 1:01:40 The early years of MMA 1:03:00 Thoughts on Zhang Weili
Feb 14 2022
1 hr 9 mins