67 // Learning Objectives as Value Exchange with Moritz Philip Recke and Stefano Perna

Learning Experience Leader

Aug 10 2021 • 45 mins

Today’s guests are Moritz Philip Recke and Stefano Perna. Moritz is a media technology engineer and develops transformative tools for education. He does research in the field of learning design and is co-founder of https://learningdesign.tools.

Stefano is a designer and educator working at the intersections of technology, media, and humanities. He is a learning design researcher and co-founder of https://learningdesign.tools.

Today we talk all about learning objectives, including

  • The Learning Objective Design Card Deck that this team has been working on
  • An overview of Bloom’s taxonomy and the language of learning objectives
  • The function of objectives and their place in an evolving ecosystem of learning content


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