Will Write for Wine

Lani Diane Rich and CJ Barry

A classic podcast from 2007-2010 featuring the best writing advice two drunken romance writers could offer. Which was pretty good.

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20 Things That Have Changed
Apr 16 2016
1 hr 13 mins
20 Things That Have ChangedGuts. Get Them.2010 Predictions. Oh, and StructureThere’s Sand in My MargaritaMovie Night: Dirty DancingReinvention. And Mango Mimosas.Dueling PSAs and Conferences2008 Holiday SpecialThe Awesome (Drink!) Final FarewellDoing Time, BabyThe Pantsless PodcastWIPs and ChainsLetting GoFight ClubRevisions, Oy!The Don’t Look Down DraftWriter Improv – VillainsEd McMahon Ain’t ComingDealing with Non-Writers (aka Normal People)Finding Your Funky Bird