Empowering Educators in EdTech: A Conversation with Salleha Chaudhry

Marketing and Education

Aug 3 2023 • 49 mins

In this episode of All Things Marketing and Education, your host, Elana Leoni, sits down with the brilliant and compassionate Salleha Chaudhry, former Head of Education Modernization at Meta. We follow Salleha's incredible career journey, where neuroscience, nonprofit work, and tech collide in the realm of education initiatives. They explore the vital significance of bringing educators to the forefront of technology, ensuring their voices are heard and elevated. They also unpack the essence of co-creating thriving communities and the power it holds in making education equitable and accessible for all. Like she did for us, we hope Salleha will leave you inspired to transform your marketing efforts into a force for positive change and lasting impact.

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