Ep 11: What Happens During Our Periodic Reviews?

Your Sweet Retirement with Josh Greenberg

Sep 1 2022 • 12 mins

Financial planning looks different for everyone as does our communication and interactions with people.

Our meetings are designed to fit the needs and the personality style for each client, and while that’s not too different from person to person, there are a few distinct approaches.

On this episode, we’ll take you inside the office and walk you through a typical periodic review we have and use examples for different types of people we work with.

Check out what you’ll learn on this episode:

·      What we discuss when a client is really into the data and numbers. (2:33)

·      Where we focus when someone is family-focused and wants to leave a legacy.  (3:08)

·      How we guide someone that takes a hands-off approach with their money. (5:37)

·      Working with people that have anxiety about money. (9:38)

For more, visit us online:http://yoursweetretirement.com

For more, visit us online: http://yoursweetretirement.com