Ep 36. Understanding Attachment Theory with Dr Torben Bergland

The Overflow Podcast

Oct 4 2021 • 59 mins

We’re back with an all new season and our first guest is a psychiatrist! Dr Torben Bergland joins us for this episode as we ask all sorts of questions about Attachment Theory, its impacts on our romantic relationships, and also how it impacts our relationship with God. Besides studying the four attachment styles, we learn which types typically end up in relationships together, and the challenges that can present. We examine whether or not attachment styles are “problems” that need “fixing”, and if not, how best to manage them.  Resources Mentioned How We Love by Milan & Kay YerkovichWired for Dating by Stan TatkinWired for Love by Stan TatkinThe Course of Love by Alain de BottonThe Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk Connect with Torben Dr Torben Bergland is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist from Norway and he has a special interest in integrating relational, religious, and existential perspectives into his psychotherapy work. He now lives in the Un