Ep 38. Why Get Married & What to Look For with Ranela Kaligithi

The Overflow Podcast

Oct 18 2021 • 59 mins

In a world where divorce seems rampant, it’s no shock that some people are hesitant to tie the knot. However, Ranela Kaligithi, a therapist-in-training, joins us again for another conversation to share why she thinks marriage is still a worthwhile commitment. We explore some key things to look for in a romantic partner as well as some red flags, dealbreakers, and other dating and marriage hot topics. Resources Mentioned The following resources were mentioned during this episode. Please click the title to see more details or purchase them from Amazon. Purchasing using these affiliate links help support the podcast in a small way. Sacred Marriage by Gary ThomasThe Meaning of Marriage by Timothy KellerStudy on Doubt as a Predictor of Divorce by the Department of Psychology, UCLAHow We Love by Milan & Kay YerkovichThink Like a Monk by Jay ShettyRelationship Goals by Michael ToddCleaning Up Your Mental Mess by Dr Caroline LeafEmotional Intimacy 101 by Pierre SteenbergFive Love