Ep 37. Setting Yourself Up For Success with Ranela Kaligithi

The Overflow Podcast

Oct 11 2021 • 47 mins

In this episode, Karl and Filip are joined by the wise and friendly Ranela Kaligithi, a therapist-in-training, for a conversation on authenticity and self-awareness in relationships. She shares how to own your own mess, recognize the values that shape you, and cultivate a strong sense of self. The discussion highlights how these skills help you build relationships based on who you are rather than always playing the part of the people-pleaser. Resources Mentioned The following resources were mentioned during this episode. Please click the title to see more details or purchase them from Amazon. Purchasing using these affiliate links help support the podcast in a small way. The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoChoosing God’s Best by Dr Don RaunikarThe Meaning of Marriage by Timothy KellerPaul by NT Wright How We Love by Milan & Kay YerkovichThink Like a Monk by Jay ShettyRelationship Goals by Michael ToddCleaning Up Your Mental Mess by Dr Caroline LeafEmotional Intimacy 101