Bye 2021! Welcome 2022

Get Over It! Podcast

Jan 3 2022 • 9 mins

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022! What a year last year was! If you are ready to release that old energy and get into a positive flow of creation. This show is for you! Bye 2021!! Each new year brings the opportunity for new beginnings just like every other ordinary day. However, for the new year, you can set your intentions for the whole year and then work on them a day at a time. Because we are in the energy of the new moon that supports the opportunity for growth and change, the time is now to make those changes. For many, 2021 was much better than 2020 but still a bit harsh. So take a look at the positives in your life for 2021 and make a list of what you want to create. I'll talk more about that in a bit. First, Bye to 2021 You will need paper and a pen, pencil. Crayon whatever you want to write with.Now write down what you want to let go of from 2021. Did you have a bad breakup? Did you lose your source of income? Did Covid come to visit?Write everything down on as many sheets of paper as it takes. Before making your list, write your given name at the top of the page.And the date that you are doing this release.  Then write the words "it is my intention too…. "Then start your list.Be thoroughAfter you are finished, write the words so be it, it is done, amen. Sign the paper with your given name, first, middle, and last. You have to write this out longhand no computer.  You want to imbue the paper directly with your paper.Get a fireproof container and tear each sheet of paper into confetti size pieces of paper. When you are done, take the container into the bathroom light the papers on fire until all is consumed.When you have nothing but ash, place the ashes in the toilet.  An extra powerful step is to urinate or defecate on the papers.Then flush the toilet allowing the energy of what you wrote on the paper to move out of your life. Give thanks for releasing the unwanted, unneeded energy.It may take you a few times to release everything if your subconscious keeps going back to your former issues. Writing your list longhand helps you release the energy that has been pent up. Likewise, tearing the papers into confetti size pieces of paper help you to release more anger and negative emotions around what you have written. Burning the paper is the act of letting go. Flushing is a visual for releasing energy. And I don't know about you, but I do not want anything back that I have placed in the toilet, especially if I urinated or defected on it. Welcome, 2022! Time to create The energy you want to move forward. Write your intentions down, dating your document the date you create. And add your complete given name. When done, sign your given name. Write so be it; it is done, amen. Next, take the paper and fold it in half with the raw edges going toward you. Then turn the paper 180 degrees and fold it in half toward your body again. Take the papers to the kitchen sink and lite them on fire and watch the ashes go down the drain. Give thanks that your intentions are being created. Start of 2022 in the best possible energy field that you can create. Suppose you want to know more about your creative ability and how to begin walking down your path for an incredible 2022. Then, contact me for a consultation or sign up for coaching. Monique Chapman is a prominent international Intuitive Consultant, Personal Development Expert, Master Energy Healer, Author, and Media Personality. She is the founder of Healing Visions Ministries and Monique Chapman Consulting. Her passion is to help others discover their life's purpose and live purposeful, abundant lives. As a trusted intuitive adviser with three decades of experience, she has successfully assisted thousands of individuals from all walks of life globally in transforming their lives with accurate intuitive and pragmatic advice. She's been featured on CBS, MTV,