Journey of a Child's Faith - Sabinah Adewole


Jul 8 2021 • 21 mins

This uplifting poetry book is perfect for Children and Adults to spread the message of God and help them focus on their journey of enlightenment. Each poem with a moral lesson for your child. The stories may appear familiar but the actual book is presented with illustrations through poetry for any one to enjoy in the comfort of the home, school or library or in a group or on a journey. Journey of a Child's Faith by Sabinah Adewole https://www.facebook.com/sabinah.adewole.3 (Sabinah Adewole | Facebook) Bedtime Stories by Karen Kelly - https://www.facebook.com/karenlindakelly (KAREN KELLY Author & Podcaster | Facebook) karenlindakelly@btinternet.com A huge thanks to Purple Planet for their amazing music which i often use to add the perfect ambiance to every story - thank you https://www.purple-planet.com/ (Purple Planet Royalty Free Music (purple-planet.com)) Sponsored by Team Author UK https://teamauthoruk.co.uk/ (Team Author UK | Indie Author Publishing) Support this podcast