Ep 68- My 2nd Book Is Out Now! (Special Interview with Ms. Kalpana Misra, Editor, Writer and Teacher)

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Feb 13 2022 • 26 mins

Yes, you read it right! My 2nd book Konnichiwa Izumi: Adventures in 2040 is out now. I'm super excited to see my stories and characters in print. It is available on Amazon and Flipkart and will also be available in all leading bookstores across the country soon.

The process of writing has many steps. From the time one thinks of the theme, characters, and plot to the actual writing, editing, illustrating, finding a publisher and getting the final design of the book ready. Many people have asked me about this process and I will be discussing 2 important aspects in this episode and the next.

In this episode, I spoke with Ms. Kalpana Misra, the editor of my book and asked her some questions about the role of an editor and how the entire process works. She is also an English teacher and shared some wonderful tips with me in pursuing hobbies and how to think about writing in general.

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