21. Two Amazing Hypnotherapy Success Stories

Mind Power Meets Mystic

Dec 6 2022 • 26 mins

Heather Zeitzwolf (of Get The Balance Right) speaks about her fear of driving. Heather is in her 50s and has put off getting her driver’s license since she was a teenager. She passed the written test, but never got the license. Circumstances have changed, and it’s time to get that license!

We talk about her fear, and how we reframed getting a license as a move to independence. She speaks of how driving will enable her to go places, on her own, that haven’t been easy to get to before.

Heather talks about how hypnosis with Michelle was not what she had heard about it in the movies. Even though Heather is a very high energy person, she was able to relax and chill out enough to make the impact of hypnosis work for her. She came to one of Michelle’s free events, and reached out and became a client.

In hypnosis, Heather could imagine how driving could be great! Imagining driving in her dream car, and having ownership over the experience, made the whole experience about empowerment and freedom. The habitual anxiety that was there is mostly gone. Heather is driving and practicing for her upcoming test. Wish her luck!

Candice Snyder (Passion, Purpose and Possibilities) is a Monat representative and the host of Passion, Purpose and Possibilities. Candice speaks about how she had a troubled relationship that was interfering with multiple aspects of her life. She needed some help to change her thinking and get to a better place.

Hypnosis was not quite what Candice expected. Michelle taught Candice helpful tools to manage and diffuse the difficult feelings as they come up.

The relationship energy has shifted. Candice has the power to release the emotional energy as it comes up. This is all thanks to using the technique of hypnosis.

Candice speaks about “Hypnosis For Sales,” a class Michelle teaches. After the class, Candice felt confident, strong and ready to go for a sprint at sales. Hypnosis For Sales is very helpful for preventing over thinking at sales.

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