Real Talk | Getting through tough times and embracing your CEO quicks for success

Easy Scaling with Jordan Schanda King

May 23 2023 • 59 mins

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In this episode, we're getting very real about dealing with tough times in business. We also have a fun time chatting about the pitfalls of personality tests, embracing your quirks as a CEO, the importance of having a growth vs. a stuck mindset, and sooo much more!

My guest is Julia DeWolfe, she is one of my coaches, a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, and what she calls an 'everything coach' for entrepreneurs.

Julia is a regular guest on the podcast and together we explore the more emotional side of business ownership and dig into many of the things that I've personally struggled with or overcome in my own business.

Topics discussed:

  • Feeling gratitude and being in “awe” of ourselves and our business
  • How to come out of survival mode
  • Having a more balanced view of your shortcomings and mistakes
  • Not operating your business out of a place of shame
  • Looking for learning opportunities in every mistake
  • Having a growth vs. stuck mindset
  • Using personality tests effectively
  • Running worst case scenarios
  • Figuring out your CEO quirks
  • The time and energy burden of social media

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