#101 | Quarterly planning for your business

Easy Scaling with Jordan Schanda King

Mar 7 2023 • 12 mins

In my opinion, quarterly planning is one of the most critical pre-reqs to scaling.

In this episode, I'm going to run you through several core issues I see coming from NOT planning, and then walk you through HOW to do quarterly planning.


  • Shiny object syndrome: Big picture planning gives you the context you need to know if you’re making aligned decisions and working on the things that are actually going to get you closer to your goals vs something that is a shiny object.
  • Last minute everything: I mean who hasn’t decided to launch something, offer something, or do something only to feel like you’re scrambling to do everything last minute.. Details are missed, it’s not thought out and intentional. And even if it works, you feel like you’re scrambling.
  • Long backlog of tasks: How many tasks are on your to do list that have been there for more than 6-12 months? Without comprehensive planning.. That backlog grows and it’s almost impossible to chip away at it in any meaningful way because there will ALWAYS. Literally ALWAYS. be new things to add to your to-do list. Planning allows you to stop and prioritize.
  • Taking on too much than you can handle: So common. Unbelievably common. Because most of the time, when we have an idea, we don’t actually understand the 20+ things it’s going to take for us to actually pull off the idea. Getting granular with your ideas, projects, and tasks is what allows you to commit to a manageable amount each year, quarter, or month.

How to plan:

  • Get clear on your big picture vision and goals
  • Analyze what’s working and what's not working
  • Make a plan for what you’re selling, your offers, your marketing, and your visibility
  • And then prioritize Back end operations projects like SOPs, systems, and automations
  • Chunk everything out into the individual tasks and steps that it’s going to take to get your big ideas done.

Setting aside time to think through all of this stuff will give you the context that you need to determine what the top priorities are in your business. You can then take that information and chunk it out into a focus for each month, your list of priority and upcoming projects for the quarter, and your backlog.

To make your planning easier, leave the podcast a review to get my 90 day planning formula - This is the exact process I use with all my clients and for myself.

Happy planning!

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