Birth Moms Real Talk

D. Yvonne Rivers

Birth mothers telling their stories of placement.
Season 2: Episode 1: Autunm – “I Didn’t Know”18: Madison – ‘Start Saying “Yes” to Yourself”17: Kristen and Lindsey – “Just the Two of Us – The Journey Continues – Part 2″16: Kristen and Lindsey – “The Two of Us: Love Never Failing“15: Rosalie – “Forgiveness Helped Me To Heal“14: Amy - “Secrets in the Adoption Closet “13: Haley – “I Didn’t Know What to Do“12: Candace – “I Am Good Enough to Be a Mother”11: Lori – “Reunion is Hard”10: Nikki – I Am Always A Mom9: Lynea – “I Wanted Someone to Hold My Hand”8: Rose – “Who is Talking to the Elephant in the Room”7: Vicky – “Love has No Color”6: Yvonne – I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again5: Kathy – Sharing My Story gave Me Freedom4: Nikki – I Am Always A Mom3: Fran – Finding Peace from Unbearable Loss2: Beth – We have a Weekly Date1: Kitty – A Recurring Family History0: Yvonne – I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again