How to Achieve Faster Entrepreneurial Success with Yuri Elkaim

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Jan 19 2023 • 21 mins

Entrepreneurial success can mean different things to different people, but it always involves dealing with the challenges of building and growing a business.

What are those challenges? How do you leapfrog them?

Yuri Elkaim build a $217 million health coaching empire and in this episode he’ll share some key lessons he’s learned in his entrepreneurial journey and what strategies you can adopt to achieve your own entrepreneurial success.

What You’ll Discover About Entreprenurial Success:

* The biggest mistake smart people make when looking for entrepreneurial success

* Why low barriers to entry causes people to struggle in achieving entrepreneurial success

* How the right kind of debt can help you achieve entrepreneurial success sooner

* The mindsets needed for entrepreneurial success

* And MUCH more

Guest: Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim is a New York Times bestselling author, former professional athlete, business strategist, and the founder and CEO of Healthpreneur®.

His journey into health and business was inevitable. After dealing with a host of health issues as a teenager, he eventually lost all of his hair at 17 years old to an autoimmune condition. This, along with his passion for sports (which led him down the path of playing professional soccer in his early 20s), propelled him into the health and fitness field.

Yuri’s authentic and caring approach allowed him to build a successful online health empire that went to help more than 500,000 to better health, while providing him the platform to write 3 bestselling books and sharing his message on major media outlets like Dr. Oz and The Doctors. In 2018, he sold this health business after 13 years at the helm.

With Healthpreneur®, he and his world-class team of coaches help health professionals and coaches leverage the internet to turn their expertise into high 6- and 7-figure virtual practices that create transformative results for more people without the grind.

Healthpreneur®’s mission is to help health entrepreneurs make their dreams happen in the service of others and eventually leave a legacy where every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to become the best version of themselves so that they can wake up each day with purpose, contribute through meaningful work that feels like play, and live freely and abundantly.

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