How to Achieve More Ethical Influence, More Power, More Success

Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner

Feb 10 2022 • 23 mins

ETHICAL INFLUENCEHaving more ethical influence in the workplace sounds like a lofty goal and if you would ask a business leader about whether they exercise ethical influence, they no doubt would say SURE. But yet one in four employees report witnessing unethical behavior in their workplace and my next guest says it’s time to examine the influences on our teams if we really want them to excel. What You’ll Discover About Ethical Influence (highlights & transcript):https://businessconfidentialradio.com/how-to-achieve-more-ethical-influence-more-power-more-success/# (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * What is ethical influence  * Most important activity impacting ethical influence  * Self-defeating behaviors that under cut ethical influence  * Steps business leaders can take to encourage more ethical influence  * How employees can exert ethical influence  * The business culture that supports ethical influence  * How ethical influence is taken for granted  * How influence is why and how you matter  * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at https://lovethepodcast.com/BusinessConfidential (Lovethepodcast.com/BusinessConfidential )♥ Guest: Dr. Brian SmithSince 1988, Dr. Brian Smith has helped over 18,000 business owners and managers on all seven continents (yes, Antarctica, too). Coming from companies of all sizes, he has helped them make decisions to enable both personal and organizational growth. Smith has a PhD in organizational psychology, a master’s degree in management information systems, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is a certified Six Sigma master black belt consultant. Dr. Smith began his career as an accountant but did not enjoy public accounting. After a short term at a big 6 accounting firm, he started Business Accounting Solutions in 1988, which he later sold to Cornerstone Consulting Group. Recognizing the need many small businesses had for sound management advice, Brian went on to start Individual Advantages, LLC, which was later rebranded DBA IA Business Advisors in 2015, as a think tank to develop customized, yet affordable, management solutions driven by our focus on people, process, and technology. Related Resources:Contact Brian and connect with him on https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-i-in-teams (LinkedIn), https://www.facebook.com/TheIinTeamSeries/ (Facebook), https://twitter.com/IinTeamSeries (Twitter), https://www.instagram.com/theiinteamseries (Instagram), and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFJuJdJ2VPD1VAJZZfi2rQ (YouTube). Join, Rate and Review:Rating and reviewing the show helps us grow our audience and allows us to bring you more of the rich information you need to succeed from our high powered guests. Leave a review at https://lovethepodcast.com/BusinessConfidential (Lovethepodcast.com/BusinessConfidential) Joining the Business Confidential Now family is easy and lets you have instant access to the latest tactics, strategies and tips to make your business more successful. Follow on your favorite podcast app http://bit.ly/bcnlisten (here) as well as on https://twitter.com/businessconfid (Twitter), https://facebook.com/businessconfidentialnow (Facebook), https://www.youtube.com/c/HannaHaslKelchner (YouTube), and https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/business-confidential-now-with-hanna-hasl-kelchner (LinkedIn). Download ♥ Follow ♥ Listen ♥ Learn ♥ Share ♥ Review ♥ Comment ♥ Enjoy