Busting The Myths On Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion In Business With James McKim Jr.

Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner

Nov 3 2022 • 21 mins

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three key areas of helping individuals thrive professionally and personally in the workplace. In this episode, James McKim Jr., the founder of Organizational Ignition, shares his knowledge as he determines the myths surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in businesses. Some companies are committed to carrying out the DEI Principle to benefit the organization's bottom line. However, there is a difference between being committed to carrying out the DEI principle from applying it the right way. Join James as he shares how you can take this into action and watch your organization and its people grow and thrive!

What You’ll Discover In The Myths Of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion In Business:

  • What myths keep the Senior Management from doing the smart thing?
  • The tools and technology that can help people put these good intentions into action
  • How can a small, midsized business grow and apply the DEI Principle in their business?

Guest Bio:

James T. McKim, PMP, ITIL, is founder and managing partner at Organizational Ignition where he and his team help organizations ignite efficiency through aligning people, processes and technology. He’s a sought-after speaker, coach, change manager and conference presenter, and is frequently interviewed by the media on organizational performance through diversity. His new book is The Diversity Factor: Igniting Superior Organizational Performance (EPIC Author Publishing, March 1, 2022).

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