How to Unlock Remarkable Growth through Exceptional Customer Experience with Carl Baumann

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Feb 15 2024 • 25 mins

Exceptional Customer Experience

Delivering exceptional customer experience in an age of instant gratification, where every encounter can be recorded with a cell phone, and where it can be instantly posted to social media can feel daunting, despite your best intentions.

What’s the best way to manage that process? Today’s guest, SCORE mentor extraordinaire, Mr. Carl Baumann has some strategies for you.

What You’ll Discover About Exceptional Customer Experience:

* What factors separate the exceptional customer experience from the rest

* Seven factors to focus on to deliver an exceptional customer experience

* Why even small businesses are compared to Amazon

* How an exceptional customer experience is correlated to employee satisfaction

* And much MORE.

Guest: Carl Baumann

Carl Baumann is a certified business mentor with SCORE specializing in counseling in business planning, strategic planning, general management and management finance & accounting. Carl has an impressive track record in helping clients successfully launch their businesses and create hundreds of new jobs in the local community in the process.

Carl teaches business planning courses and seminars for SCORE at various continuing education venues in the Chapel Hill, NC area and his practical, down-to-earth teaching style has made him a popular mentor.

Carl’s work with SCORE is the culmination of a 34 year career, some of it in commercial banking with First Citizens Bank and most of it with the Miller Brewing Company in numerous financial positions including Brewery Controller, Corporate Controller and Group Director – Sales & Marketing Finance.

Carl earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UNC Chapel Hill and an Executive MBA from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.

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The Cult of the Customer by Shep Hyken