Episode 1: The Welkom Grave Murder

Murder and Mayhem: South African True Crime

Nov 5 2021 • 49 mins

Welcome to the first episode of Murder & Mayhem: South African True Crime. This is an immersive 3D audio experience so headphones are recommended (but of course not necessary)

About the episode: In 2011, the little mining town of Welkom, South Africa was thrust into the spotlight as news of a disturbing and tragic crime hit the media. The victim? 23 year-old Michael van Eck. The perpetrators? A young couple-Chane van Heerden (20) and her partner in crime (quite literally) Maartens van Der Merwe - (24)

As further details emerged of the horrific crime committed in a graveyard, the truth of the murder would prove more bizarre in a web of dark desires where reality and fiction merged.

For images, sources and real footage of the individuals and the case mentioned, please visit my Youtube Channel- Bella Monsoon where this case has been covered in video format.

Mental Health Resources: As this episode contains graphic descriptions and accounts, if you are feeling triggered please reach out and speak to someone. A full list of worldwide mental health channels is available on my website bellamonsoon.com but if you are in South Africa- you can contact SADAG on 0800 12 13 14.

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