How to Humanise Your Marketing with Sarah Santacroce

The Ambitious Introvert Podcast

Nov 1 2021 • 30 mins

Welcome to the newest episode of The Ambitious Introvert. Today I’m joined by Sarah Santacroce - we’re talking about a subject that's really close to my heart as a business coach and is important to you as an introverted business owner - marketing. Sarah believes that marketing should be approached with kindness and can truly be something that is introvert-friendly. I loved hearing her take on how we can revolutionise marketing to be focused on connection. Enjoy!

  • Why Sarah’s mission is to bring more empathy and marketing back to online business
  • How Sarah overcame an expected re-brand
  • Filling the gap between humanised sales and modern marketing
  • Why you should only work with your ideal clients
  • Price transparency and why Sarah believes you should always post your prices
  • LinkedIn as the premier platform for introverts

Visit this episode's blog post here: https://emmalouiseparkes.com/how-to-humanise-your-marketing-with-sarah-santacroce/

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