Highly Sensitive and High Achieving with Melody Wilding

The Ambitious Introvert Podcast

Aug 22 2021 • 28 mins

Melody Wilding is on the show today and we’re breaking down how you can be highly sensitive and highly successful. We share our own stories of accepting our introverted and highly sensitive personalities, plus how you can use these qualities to thrive instead of just ‘get by’ in the workplace.

Melody and I discuss:

  • Championing your introversion and sensitivity as a superpower
  • Understanding your emotional brain in decision making
  • Signs that you may be highly sensitive
  • How to cope with sensitivity in the corporate world
  • Melody’s experience of writing a book as a sensitive person

Visit this episode's blog post here: https://emmalouiseparkes.com/highly-sensitive-and-high-achieving-with-melody-wilding

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