The Goop Lab 02: Pleasurable Goop

In Bad Taste

Nov 10 2020 • 41 mins

It’s an important topic - women’s sexuality and the gender gap in orgasms. Any publicity is good publicity, right? The question is, does The Goop Lab get this right? Sadly after we recorded this episode, Betty Doson passed away, so when you listen, give her a big thanks for all her work.

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This week’s suggested readings:

Keep in mind, these references are all about sex and may be NSFW

OMGYes is an online resource all about women’s pleasure (NSFW)

The Goop Lab and women’s health

Eve Appeal - #KnowYourBody -

Dr Jen Gunter on jade eggs

The gender gap in orgasms

Determinants of female orgasm

Body disatisfaction and orgasm

Society of Australian Sexologists

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