Simple explanations of fundamental benefits of Passive Real Estate Investing by Trevor Thompson with Prashant Kumar

"Passive Wealth for High Tech Minds" by Prashant Kumar

Sep 2 2022 • 33 mins

In today’s Podcast, Prashant Kumar CCIM, on behalf of My Realty Gains, invites Trevor Thompson to guide us through- “Simple explanations of fundamental benefits of Passive Real Estate Investing”

Successful Vice President with 47+ years in the attractions and entertainment industry. Highly observant and detail-oriented with a highly developed work ethic. Over the past few years, I have become deeply passionate about learning about Real Estate Investing. I am an avid learner, continually connecting with as many like‐minded people. Love being on various podcasts or panellists for events. I have been actively looking for a multifamily property as GP/Asset Manager/Boots on Ground in TX.

(00:00 - 01:59)   Opening Segment- Introduction of Trevor Thompson

(03:56 - 04:20)   What else could be the meaning of investment for passive investors?

(05:05 - 06:39)   How do you find opportunities in investment?

(06:59 - 09:31)   How should one start to invest in real estate?

(09:45 - 15:00)   What safeguards are there for investors?

(16:03 - 20:05)   How much time is required for W2 family investors to get their money to grow?

(21:12 - 25:41)   Financials of deals which Trevor has undertaken

(29:22 - 31:20)   How can an investor invest actively or passively?

(31:28 - 33:56)   Ending Segment

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