Learn from Mentors and Create Multiple Streams of Incomes to Gain Financial Freedom by Michael Kopaska with Prashant Kumar

"Passive Wealth for High Tech Minds" by Prashant Kumar

Aug 13 2022 • 31 mins

In today’s Podcast, Mr. Prashant Kumar CCIM, on behalf of My Realty Gains, invites Mechiel Kopaska to guide us through- “Learn from Mentors and Create Multiple Streams of Incomes to Gain Financial Freedom”

Author and Real Estate Innovator, Mechiel transformed her career from an IT professional to a full-time Real Estate Investor. Moving from a job she was passionate about but had no control over her schedule or life, she discovered the potential of Real Estate Investing. She was hooked! As an innovative problem solver, accomplished project manager, master connector and fearless action taker, she navigates investing opportunities and challenges head-on. After years of experience in single-family homes and multi-family properties in different states, she is now involved in developing an RV Park.

(00:48 - 03:34)  Opening Segment- Introduction about Mechiel

(01:56 - 03:20)  Story behind Mechiel brand’s name

(03:37 - 06:44)  Mechiel’s journey in Real Estate investment

(07:00 - 07:55)  What strategies would Mechiel use if she had to do Real Estate again?

(08:35 - 11:00)  Suggestions for W2 investors

(13:47 - 18:45)  Mechiel’s multifamily investment and RV Park experience

(25:17 - 26:50)  RV Park adventure of Meichel

(26:51 - 32:45)  Ending Segment

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