Tax Shelter Strategies for Limited Partners and General Partners by Thomas Castelli with Prashant Kumar

"Passive Wealth for High Tech Minds" by Prashant Kumar

Jul 8 2022 • 30 mins

In today’s Podcast, Mr. Prashant Kumar CCIM, on behalf of My Realty Gains, invites Thomas Castelli to guide us through- “Tax Shelter Strategies for Limited Partners and General Partners”

Thomas Castelli is a Tax Strategist and real estate investor, who helps other real estate investors keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets and out of the government's.

(00:47- 01:26) Opening Segment: Thomas Castelli’s Introduction

(01:41 - 06:00) How should limited partner define their strategies?

(06:05 - 08:15) The Ways through which real estate income could depreciate against W2 income

(08:22 - 12:15) How long does it take to become a real estate professional?

(12:16 - 16:46) Multiple other strategies for the W2 working class.

(16:54 - 21:25) Different Strategies for Passive Investors who don’t have time.

(21:26 - 24:16) Do syndication and Multifamily investments help Passive Investors with their offset losses?

(24:24 - 28:12) What are the different assets classes for Limited Partners to Invest in?

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