Kurt Hester - Director, Strength & Conditioning (FB) - Tulane University

The Moffitt Method Podcast

Jul 19 2023 • 1 hr 56 mins

Join Coach Moffitt as he speaks with Kurt Hester, an experienced coach who has worked with NFL draft picks and award-winning players, as he shares his insights and strategies for taking athletes and teams to new heights. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools you need to elevate your game.

00:01:42 - What is the most valuable lesson that you learned from Coach Gayle Hatch that has influenced your coaching career?
00:08:47 - Tulane's study abroad trip to Australia
00:16:32 - Can you discuss the running program at Tulane and how you progressed from June through July and then into training camp?
00:23:26 - How do you integrate the stuff you need to do in addition to summer practice, and also where are y'all going to practice?
00:36:08 - Do you have to deal with players going to outside training "gurus"?
00:43:46 - Can you talk about the difference between agility and change of direction?
00:50:48 - Do y'all wear GPS everytime y'all practice outside?
00:53:42 - Do you try to adjust for the heat/humidty here in Louisiana?
01:10:38 - Can you break down how the workouts differ for each position on your team?
01:29:37 - What has being the only guy on the floor taught you? What skill set have you had to develop and what advice do you have for coaches who are the same situation?
01:40:47 - Is there anything that you recommend to help people put on some weight and get stronger?
01:48:49 - Difference between training men vs. women


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