Jeremy Jacobs - Associate Director of Sports Performance, Head of Football Applied Sports Science - Duke University

The Moffitt Method Podcast

Jun 7 2023 • 1 hr 39 mins

Jeremy Jacobs is currently serving as the Associate Director for Sports Performance and Head of Football Applied Sports Science for Duke University’s Football program. Prior to joining Duke, Jacobs worked at Louisiana State University (LSU) for six years in various roles, including the associate director of strength and conditioning for football. At LSU, Jacobs oversaw the team's Velocity-Based Training system, Perch, creating daily mesocycle and macrocycle force/velocity and tonnage reports. Jacobs earned his bachelor's degree in kinesiology – exercise science from Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2016 and a master's degree in kinesiology – pedagogy and psychology from LSU in 2018. Jacobs is also a veteran of the United States Army.

00:02:13 - How did this off-season go this year and how did it compare to last year?
00:05:11- Was you training during spring football this year like the in-season program last year?
00:09:55 - How does Coach Elko and Coach Feeley handle the month of May and when does the team come back?
00:14:51- Can you compare traditional strength training methods to velocity-based training and what are some of the advantages of VBT?
00:22:23- Let’s talk about what each of the 5 velocity zones represents. Beginning with absolute strength...
00:37:52- Accelerative strength zone….
00:40:17- Strength-Speed zone…
00:43:04- Speed-Strength…
00:45:58- Can you touch on the difference between mean and peak velocity?
00:50:05- Starting strength…
00:52:37- How much work has Duke done with load/force/velocity profiles?
01:00:05- How do you manage the reps per set, and do you see any correlations between rep ranges and velocities?
01:06:29- Do you notice a difference in velocities at certain percentages of an athlete’s 1RM between exercises?
01:10:41- Have you gotten validation for using VBT from the other pieces of technology that you have?
01:13:42- When looking at asymmetries from the force plate, do you see similarities between the different devices?
01:19:28- Are there any cost effective alternatives that a HS can purchase to do some of the stuff we are discussing?
01:24:37- Who probably helped you the most when working with EXCEL?
01:29:34- Which staff member has the strongest hamstrings on the NORDBORD?
01:33:55- What is some advice that you can share for a coach without technology, to use when planning and organizing training?
01:36:34- Conclusion


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