Zach Even-Esh - HS Strength Coach, Gym Owner, and Strength and Conditioning Influencer - Part 2

The Moffitt Method Podcast

Jul 12 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

In this captivating podcast episode, join us as we sit down with renowned Strength & Performance Coach, Zach Even - Esh. Discover the evolution of athletic training, coaching dynamics, the impact of social media, and the early influences of strength athletes and coaches. Gain valuable insights and practical wisdom from Zach's years of experience, as he shares his expertise on training methodologies, coaching at different levels, and navigating the digital landscape. Prepare to be inspired and equipped with tangible takeaways for your own training or coaching practices.

00:14:49 - How much communication is there between you, the parents, and the athletes about what they're doing at their school vs. what they're doing at your gym?
00:24:05 - Do you see a difference between the athletic programs of private vs. public schools?
00:26:11 - What age is a good age to start training?


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