Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience - Dianne Grossman - The Carpet Girl

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Apr 26 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

In this week's episode of the Floor Academy Podcast, we will dive into how customer service and customer experience are different, what makes The Carpet Girls Experience so unique, and how you can build an experience unlike any other in your market, and lastly how it all needs a why.

In this episode of the Floor Academy Podcast, we will be exploring the difference between customer service and customer experience with our guest, Dianne Grossman, the creator of The Carpet Girl Experience and co-founder of The Carpet Girl in Springfield Township, NJ.

Dianne believes that customer service and customer experience are not interchangeable terms. She sees customer service as the act of resolving problems and ensuring customer satisfaction, while customer experience encompasses the entire journey from start to finish, including how the customer is handled, educated, and nurtured throughout the process.

Dianne will share her unique approach to creating an exceptional buying experience for her clients at The Carpet Girl, which has allowed her to grow her business and build a loyal customer base. She will discuss how she recognized the disparity between the decision-makers (mostly women) and the salespeople (mostly men) in the flooring industry, and how she leveraged this insight to create a buying experience unlike any other in her market.

Lastly, we explore the importance of knowing your "why" in business, as Dianne will share her experiences with her nonprofit organization and its powerful mission.

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