Scaling Down - Ron Teljeur - Acorn Wood Floors

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Feb 8 2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

In this episode, we will be joined by Ron Teljeur, the owner of Acorn Wood Floors, a flooring business located just outside of Vancouver. Ron will share his experience with scaling his business up and then deciding to scale it down.

Ron will discuss how his business grew to the point of having six crews using subcontractors, and the challenges that came with managing a larger operation. He will share insights on the issues he faced, including putting out fires and dealing with increased administrative tasks, which led him to reassess his business strategy.

We will delve into Ron's decision to scale his business down and focus on doing what he loves, which is working with his hands and being involved in the actual flooring installations. Ron will share how he restructured his business and the changes he made to create a more streamlined and enjoyable work environment.

Ron will also discuss the benefits of scaling down his business, including reduced stress, improved work-life balance, and increased job satisfaction. He will share how he has been able to achieve a more manageable and fulfilling business model that aligns with his personal goals and values.

Join us as we learn from Ron Teljeur about his experience with scaling down a business, the challenges he faced in growing and managing a larger operation, and the benefits of creating a business model that allows for more hands-on involvement and personal satisfaction. Gain valuable insights on how to reassess and adjust your business strategy to align with your own goals and priorities.

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