Teams, Accountability, and Boundaries - Shawna Bouchard - Johns Manville

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Mar 8 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

In this episode, Shawna Bouchard is a Sr. Marketing Specialist for GoBoard at JohnsManville, will be discussing the challenge of trusting others to complete projects to the same standard as the business owner or leader. This is a common issue faced by many small contracting businesses, where owners may struggle with delegation and trust in their employees' abilities.

We will explore the reasons behind this challenge, including the sense of ownership and pride that business owners often have in their work, and the fear of subpar results or mistakes when delegating tasks to others. We will also discuss how this mindset can hinder the growth and scalability of small businesses, as owners may become overwhelmed with work and unable to effectively delegate.

We will then delve into how larger companies manage to ensure that employees perform to the required standards. We will discuss the importance of clear communication, setting expectations, providing training and resources, and implementing systems and processes that ensure consistency and quality in work performance. We will also explore how larger companies foster a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, where employees are empowered and trusted to perform their roles.

Furthermore, we will discuss strategies that smaller companies can adopt to emulate the practices of larger companies in managing employee performance. We will explore the importance of setting clear expectations, providing training and mentorship opportunities, and establishing systems and processes that ensure consistency in work quality.

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