Edgard "Era" Herrera Is Grateful For All the Lessons: The Music Industry, Making A Hit, & Navigating Success

Starting With Gratitude

Mar 23 2021 • 55 mins

It's not common for someone from our hometown to become one of the music industry's favorite (and respected) engineers but Edgard Herrera, also known as Era, manifested it for himself. Engineer for record label Internet Money and dedicated independent artist, Edgard's journey to success is an inspirational one.

You can follow Edgard here and check out Internet Money here.

The music industry can be difficult to navigate, both when you're trying to be in it and when you're in it. Currently, Edgard is finding balance in his abundant work. We touch on this in this episode and we also discuss what it takes to make a hit, growing through the struggles, trusting yourself and your vision, taking necessary risks, lessons learned behind-the-scenes, and so much more realness and goodness.

If you're in the music industry (or are trying to be in it) or if you're simply someone with a big dream, this conversation is definitely for you.

Thank you so much for listening! :)
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