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Hip Hop Saved My Life with Romesh Ranganathan

RangaBee Productions and Mr Box

A comedy podcast about hip hop presented by award-winning comedian Romesh Ranganathan and his co-host RuMaj. Edited by James Torrance. Co-produced by RangaBee Productions and Mr Box (

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Our Editor's Take

Hip Hop Saved My Life With Romesh Ranganathan is a collection of conversations centered around hip-hop music and culture. The host and the guests talk about the industry, pointing out its triumphs and flaws. Each episode includes snippets of songs that are old classics and sometimes new ones. This makes the podcast refreshing as it brings back memories of old hit songs. It also introduces hip-hop fans to recent hits.

The host, Romesh Ranganathan, is an English actor and comedian. He has appeared on several TV comedy panel shows. He received two prestigious BAFTA TV Awards for his work. Ranganathan isn't a newcomer to the rap and hip-hop scene, either. Before pursuing comedy as a career, he was a freestyle rapper. He performed under the name Ranga and competed in freestyle rap competitions.

Comedy TV and film producer Rupert Majendie (also known as RuMaj) joins Ranganathan as the cohost. Each weekly episode focuses on a special guest who gets interviewed by the hosts. Eve, Shaggy and Craig David, and French football legend Patrice Evra have appeared on the show. The guests share how they managed to succeed in the industry. They also reveal inspiring stories, which often include valuable lessons.

From the moment listeners hit play, they get treated to a fitting theme song with a hip-hop beat. This diverse podcast isn't exclusively for dedicated hip-hop fans. Hip Hop Saved My Life celebrates arts, culture, and celebrity gossip. The hosts and guests often discuss recent news and media headlines, too.

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