Leadership Outlook of GenZ (Part 2 of 2)

Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Aug 18 2021 • 32 mins

Part Deux!

Let's continue  as Dr. Rosalyn Harrington, Dr. Dawn Nail, and Dr. Geleana Alston, all from HBCUs, speak on how the the pandemic disruption, racial disruptions, and political disruptions have changed how GenZ views the workforce  and the perspective they have of the leaders leading the charge.

We wrap up our conversation with leadership nuggets that these three would give their younger selves.

If we want the leadership outlook to become clearer, we have to give the incoming generation the room and the space to bring their innovative ideas, but remember that they are not leaders just yet, but still deserving of the chance to make an impact!

Enjoy part two and lean into your greatness. You may even have to listen to part one again!

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