Cheers to the Liquor Industry: Taylor Jackson & "Redd Rose" Leveling Up!

Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Nov 24 2021 • 26 mins

Taylor Jackson “Redd” is a entrepreneur who decided to take an idea of owning her own liquor brand and turn it into her reality.

Taylor took her first steps to creating “Redd Rose” Vodka. Redd Rose is a strawberry lemon flavored vodka that is so smooth and flavorful it can be sipped over ice – no chaser or mixer.

She is also the owner of Cocktail Catering - "Pour Mixology." But it hasn't been an easy road, however it has been one of many lessons, and many wins!

Taylor did not let all the laws, legalities, stereotypical biases hold her back. She dealt with genderism, sexism, ageism, and at times racism to create a BRAND that is all her own - the name and the liquor is hers. REDD ROSE is sold in 41 states!

Listen to Taylor's story as it is toast to her grandmother's legacy, but also one of triumph and has place Redd Rose as a vodka brand on the rise!


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