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Welcome to the new experience podcast! This listening experience is designed and curated to explore what it looks and feels like to do new things. We often land in our comfort zones and forget that growth happens when we practice new experiences, face new challenges, and have interesting conversations to integrate them. My commitment is to put myself out there and do new things in the name of growth and fun, and am excited to share with you all what the new experience was like and what the takeaways were. It will be a fun listen and might even inspire you to try something new :) read less

Eloping in VEGAS + micro-dosing mushrooms ft.alexsa savage christensen ep.6
Dec 20 2021
Eloping in VEGAS + micro-dosing mushrooms ft.alexsa savage christensen ep.6
welcome to SEASON 2 of the new experience podcast! ! ! ! !Kicking off the new season with a bang, we're joined by the lovely @alexsasavage! Have you ever thought about secretly traveling to Vegas to elope with your partner?? Alexsa shares her big + fresh life event of doing just that. She shares what led her & her partner to that decision, what feelings were felt & what the reality of getting married in Las Vegas is actually like. In the second half of the episode, Sarah shares her new experience of micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms. As promised in the episode, here are some fascinating thoughts on mushrooms to ponder:"Fungi have ancient origins. The earliest known species dates back to over a billion years ago with the discovery of  Ourasphaira giraldae, a fossil species uncovered by Palaeobiologist Corentin Loron." "Growing freely in a range of climates, psilocybin has been used for over 10,000 years and possibly longer. Some evidence suggests shrooms have had us in their wavy consciousness-enhancing orbit since 10,000 B.C.E." "Some ethnobotanists — most famously, Terence Mckenna — theorize that shrooms may have even expedited human evolution. In a nutshell, the theory claims that what enabled Homo erectus (our ancestors from approximately 1.8 million years ago) to evolve into Homo sapiens (you and me now) was the heightened consciousness achieved from encounters with mushrooms containing psychedelic compounds." We hope you enjoy the episode!